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Error Message: Width/offsets arguments cannot be negative...

PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:19 am
by tina
NetworkAcc has been released 6 months, there are around 10 of our customers has encountered this problem "Uncaught exception: Width/offsets arguments cannot be negative or exceed the text length " when using NetworkAcc. Our tech team are working hard at solve this problem in the new version. finally we find a solution," ... orkacc.jad" Thanks to our customer "Ernest Johnson",he help us test this link can work. please see our mails below.

Tina from eMobiStudio: Dear Ernest,I have a good news for you, our tech team has found a solution, please delete NetworkAcc clearly form your phone and reinstall it with this link, ... orkacc.jad . please have a try to see if that problem still happen, let me know if it still can't work.
Again thanks for your business with eMobiStudio. We sincerely hope our products can help boost up your mobile phone. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We are always ready to help.

Originally by Ernest: "Tina the network accelerator software seemingly is working fine. You asked how did I resolve the issue? I have thought about what I told you, and I really believe the key was the revised download given to me by you and your team. Now about the download. The first time I downloaded the revised software from the link, I did it directly by clicking on the link from the phone and downloading and installing, which failed. I then deleted that, and went to the browser and entered the information and downloaded the software again. This time by manipulating several things including the Aerize Card I was able to get to the point where it asked me to enter my registeration info. As you know the key furnished when I purchased the software did not work, so I called you and you gave me the new registeration code and it has worked ever since.
I furnish this info in order that it might assist you and your group helping others who may have a similiar issue."

Great thanks Ernest for sharing with us. :)