Does 2.0 load automatically on startup?

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Does 2.0 load automatically on startup?

Postby captfbgnet » Fri Dec 04, 2009 6:20 pm

Once your 'profile' (or last used) is setup, does 2.0 start up (accelerate) automatically or do you have to manually 'accelerate' every time the phone device is turned on? No way to check, but it would be great to have this function automatically load (last used profile) or what ever.
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Re: Does 2.0 load automatically on startup?

Postby tina » Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:42 am

Dear captfbgnet,

Thanks for your question.

NetworkAcc can not automatically open when you turn on your device. So you need to open Networkacc everytime when you turn on your phone . You can choose the proper settings for your internet and run it in the background. In the new verion of NetworkAcc 2.0, you can save different network profiles in NetworkAcc, i.e. profiles of your office’s WiFi network and home’s GPRS network. With NetworkAcc’s profile manager, you can conveniently switch between different profiles, and NetworkAcc will automatically optimize your mobile phone’s network performance based on different network settings in each profile. The default current profile is unsaved, you can create different profile for every network settings, but you need to save profile and load it, this way your saved profile will be activate and saved as current profile.

Thanks for your advice, I have already proceed to our tech team. Hope can do it in the new version of NetworkAcc.

Have a nice day!


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