Check Whether the MemoryUp hidden successfully?

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Check Whether the MemoryUp hidden successfully?

Postby Rose » Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:32 am

There are two easy ways to check whether MemoryUp is successfully hidden into background:

1.After hiding MemoryUp into the background, try to reopen it in your application list window. I f MemoryUp is successfully hidden in the background, it will appear much quicker than the first time when launching it.

2.You can activate auto-optimization function in MemoryUp’s setting page and set the interval at 30 minutes (for example). Then after you reopen MemoryUp half an hour later, you can check the log list to see whether those predefined auto-optimizations are successfully performed. If the result is yes, it shows that MemoryUp is successfully hidden and working in the background.

Hope our valued customers will enjoy this :)

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