Optimum Settings for MemoryUp Pro

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Optimum Settings for MemoryUp Pro

Postby Rose » Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:36 am

Many customers emailed us and inquired about the issue of best settings for MemoryUp:

As for the optimum settings for MemoryUp Pro, it will depend on the load of your smartphone. For example, if you smartphone's working load is quite high (i.e. you are running over 3 applications at the same time), you should set MemoryUp Pro to auto boost more frequently (i.e. every 10 mins or 30 mins).

Normally I will advise my customers to set MemoryUp Pro to auto-boost in every 1 hour and then run MemoryUp in the background by clicking the "Hide" option of MemoryUp Pro. Other settings you can just use the default ones on MemoryUp. As you know, those default settings are tuned for optimizing the performance of average smartphones.

For more detailed instructions on how to adjust MemoryUp Pro's settings, you can also refer to the user manual of MemoryUp Pro from our website at http://www.emobistudio.com/product_manuals.asp.There are many useful tips for you too. :-)

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