How to Assign Music To BlackBerry Ringtones: BB Bootcamp

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How to Assign Music To BlackBerry Ringtones: BB Bootcamp

Postby tina » Fri Nov 06, 2009 1:45 am

Do you have a BlackBerry full of music? Does it include the perfect song for everyone you know – your "better-half", each of your siblings, your NASCAR buddy, the Pediatrician and your ex-mother-in-law?
This is my second BB Bootcamp entry. I love my BlackBerry 8330 now, but the evening I brought it home… I was ready to cry – or flush it.
Here’s a little help for my friends…step-by-step illustrated instructions to guide new BlackBerry owners/users through customizing ringtones.

Things You’ll Need:

* BlackBerry 8330 or similar
* Windows OS
* Audio files
* SD card

Step 1

Assign general ringtone from your own music library.

First, we’ll assign a general ringtone – one for all your calls.
Locate the "Media" icon in your BlackBerry’s menu. Select "Music" then "All Songs".
Step 2

Set as ringtone? OK

Use the search bar or trackball to locate the perfect song for all your "general" calls.
Click the BlackBerry icon to the left of the trackball, scroll down to "Set as ringtone"

Step 3

BlackBerry logo button. Giving Mom a ringtone.

To assign any song as a ringtone for one specific Address Book entry…is just as easy as a general ringtone.
Go to your address book and choose an entry. I’m using my Mom as an example in the screenshots.
Step 4

Edit, Add Custom Ring Tone

Open your chosen contact and press the BlackBerry logo button for a new menu. Select "Edit" from the menu.
When you choose to edit the contact, yet another menu opens. Scroll down to "Add Custom Ring Tone".
Step 5

Browse your music inside BlackBerry ringtones.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky.
When you click "Add Custom Ring Tone", at the bottom of the page you’ll see the current ringer for that person highlighted in blue.
(See illustration.) My default for Mom shows "Custom Ring Tone: Ringer_BBPro_4"
Press the trackball to see a list of other available pre-loaded ringers. You won’t find your media files in this list, but keep scrolling to the top. Look for "Browse" at the very top of this list.
Select "Browse", click your trackball.
Step 6

Leaving preloaded ringtones, choose music.

You should see a screen (See illustration) pop-up that says "/BlackBerry/ringtones/" then the options "Music" and "Preloaded Ring Tones".
Choose "Music".
A list with "Select /Media Card/Music/" at the top appears. These are your playlists.

Step 7

Select, Verify, Save

Highlight the song you wish to add to this contact and press the trackball.
The song should appear highlighted in blue, labeled "Custom Ring Tone", at the bottom of your BB screen. My example now shows "Meet Me On The Equinox" as the Custom Ring Tone for my Mom.
Finally, press the BlackBerry logo button, select "Save" and press the trackball again.
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