How to set up your Blackberry internet connection (T-mobile)

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How to set up your Blackberry internet connection (T-mobile)

Postby tina » Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:18 am

Assuming you own a Blackberry and are a subscriber to T-mobiles Blackberry internet package.
I mean. Why buy one if your not gonna have a data plan? That’s how I look at it.
So. Chances are for maximum data performance your gonna have to go in and change the default settings, and manually set the APN (Access Point Names) to connect to the proper data server.
Step 1
From the home screen. Click the little wrench and go to your options menu.
Step 2
Click on Advanced Options.
Step 3
Scroll on down to TCP and open it.
Step 4
From here. There are 2 best choices for the Blackberry data plan you can use. But 3 all together.
Step 5
Now that you have the 3 choices to try. Decide what one works best for your service area and device. They all really do the same thing. But area does make a difference to which one works the best.
It’s ok to experiment with them to find the right one.
So. Once you type on in to the APN:
Hit your return button, select Save. Then turn the phone off then back on. Some would say this isn’t necessary but it helps reset the phone to connect to the address you selected.
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