How to increase/preserve battery on your Blackberry Storm

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How to increase/preserve battery on your Blackberry Storm

Postby tina » Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:12 am

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know. On the Blackberry Storm. Just because you exit out of a program, doesn’t mean it’s not still running in the background.
Running programs = loss of batter.

Things You’ll Need:
Blackberry Storm
Step 1
From your Blackberry Storm home screen. Press and hold the Blackberry button. A ‘Control panel’ will pop up showing what programs are still running in the background.

Step 2
Mail, Browser, Phone, and Address book must run for the phone to perform. Those are fine. And you can shut them off.

Step 3
Select the program that’s still running. Could be media player.
Select it and go to the media menu. Push the Blackberry button and scroll down and select Exit/Close. Once the screen disappears back to your home screen. Push the Blackberry button again, bring up the control panel. And make sure it’s not showing up.

Step 4
Repeat this until only Mail/Messages, Phone, Browser, and Address book are left running. Once you’ve done this. Your phone will be saving battery.

Tips & Warnings

The Storm being such a technical device. It’s a lot like a home computer. Things will still run in the background of not actually exited properly. Sure it gets a little annoying hitting Menu then selecting exit all the time but once you see that it does help battery life. It makes it worth it.
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