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BlackBerry Secrets & Tips

Postby tina » Mon Dec 28, 2009 2:19 am

Blackberrys have been around since 1999, according to However, the Blackberry did not become as popular as it is today until the early part of the 21st century. In 2004, there were more than two million blackberry subscribers worldwide, according to Research In Motion. Today more than 13 million people are using Blackberrys, according to The following Blackberry secrets & tips will help you get started if you’re new to the Blackberry world.

Switch Applications explains that you can switch to another application while using your Blackberry. Hold the "Alt" button and press the "Escape" or "Power" Button. Continue to hold the alt key and select the application that you want to switch to. Release the alt key to switch to the highlighted application.

Insert Period Trick

The most commonly known way to insert a period on a Blackberry is to press the "Alt" key and then the "M" key. However, explains that one Blackberry secret is that pressing the space key twice also inserts a period.
Capitalization Trick

There are two ways that you can capitalize a letter while using a Blackberry. The first way is to press the shift key and then the letter that you wish to type. To capitalize a letter more quickly, simply hold the letter down for several seconds to insert a capital letter. For example, holding the "Y" key down for three seconds would result in a capital Y being inserted next to your cursor on your Blackberry, according to

Select a Text Line explains that you can select a text line by pressing the "Shift" key and moving the trackball backwards or forwards.

Quick Scrolling

Scrolling through multiple pages of text on a Blackberry can be a slow process. Pressing the "Space" button while viewing text allows you to jump down a page. Holding the "Shift" key and pressing the "Space" button allows you to jump up a page.


Many Blackberry owners complain that their phone isn’t loud enough according, to To make your Blackberry louder Go to Menu > Options > Audio Boost > On.

Adding More Callers

Additional callers may be added to a call by pressing "Menu" while on a call, then selecting "Add Participant" according, to
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